alcoholic vervet monkeys

just for some finals period fun…



there’s something about this awesome el guincho music video/film trailer that really draws you in…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

no idea what it means, but there’s no denying its strange appeal.



watch it twice, and then read the article.

presented by radiolab and npr.  here’s the official description…

A stunning film from Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante to accompany Radiolab’s Words episode. With an original score by Keith Kenniff.
Radiolab’s Words episode:…
Keith Kenniff:

miles aldridge – crazy shoes and bejeweled barbies

in my very first blog post, i wrote about my favorite fashion photographer, miles aldridge.  since then, he’s added quite a bit of new material to his awesome website.  here are some of my favorites…

mayfair lady ~ numero (2009)

barbia mania ~ vogue gioello (2009)

columbia road ~ vogue italia (2009)

new belle and sebastian album in 2010!?

many people (including myself) have been wondering if stuart murdoch’s god help the girl project signaled the beginning of the end of belle and sebastian.  they have not been on tour or released a studio album since 2006, and it seemed as if there were no plans of either happening again.  until now.

i was reading the god help the girl newsletter when this caught my attention:


The script for the film is now also in a state of (near) completion (film scripts are never really ever finished) and things are moving slowly towards going into production. Most likely there will be a Belle and Sebastian record first during 2010, so filming should get properly underway in 2011.

most likely there will be a belle and sebastian record first during 2010.  i then checked the website for news, and was greeted with this picture:

this led me to the q&a section, where the following was posted as a response to a “will you ever tour again” type question:

A. You’ll see us next year I should imagine.

Stevie – 17/11/09

i really really hope this happens.

this led me to the q&a section, where the following was posted as a response to a “will you ever tour again” type question:

ready, able

new music video for grizzly bear‘s ready, able.  created by allison schulnik.  it’s weird.  i like it.

combo by blu and david ellis

combo.  a collaborative animation by blu and david ellis.


Vodpod videos no longer available.