helloo (about this blog…)

my greatest talent is, without question, my ability to spend an inconceivable amount of time procrastinating.  occasionally i find stuff i like enough to post on facebook.  i guess i finally decided that i need a better location to post links than a college networking website.

so this is essentially a ‘things i like’ blog.  because there are many things with which i am enamored.  for example (take a guess…) purple.  other objects of  obsession might possibly fall into categories such as art (fashion photography, graphic design, contemporary illustration/design, etc.), humor (warning: my sense of humor is generally equivalent to that of a middle school student), music, film, and things that are only amusing after several days of no sleep.

and that’s about it…at least my procrastination has become slightly more productive…



One Response to “helloo (about this blog…)”

  1. ryan Says:

    i like your taste.
    candy toy trucks.

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