miles aldridge – crazy shoes and bejeweled barbies

in my very first blog post, i wrote about my favorite fashion photographer, miles aldridge.  since then, he’s added quite a bit of new material to his awesome website.  here are some of my favorites…

mayfair lady ~ numero (2009)

barbia mania ~ vogue gioello (2009)

columbia road ~ vogue italia (2009)


garance for gap

oh how i wish i could get my hands on one of these super cool, “super limited edition” garace doré t-shirts

tom hines

tom hines is awesome.

tom hines

tom hines

even more so because when you click the “music” tab on his site, you get an entirely cheesy photoshoot of grizzly bear.  and they’re pretty cool too.  (and one of my favorite bands at the moment.)

grizzly bear

vogue korea

fun photoshoot from vogue korea

(via booooooom)

erwin olaf

erwin olaf likes to play around with photoshop, producing some pretty cool effects.  warning…some of his photography can be slightly disturbing.  but if that doesn’t bother you, definitely explore his site.

these are from new york times couture:







baldovino barani

stunning colors in baldovino barani’s sanctuary:

old facebook post #1: miles aldridge

miles aldridge is definitely one of my favorite photographers.  if you like these, there are many more to explore on his website.  while you’re there, make sure you click on “biography.”

Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! ~ Numero (2008)

Home Works

Home Works ~ Vogue Italia (2008)

The Vagaries of Fashion

The Vagaries of Fashion ~ Vogue Italia (2007)

Fit Street

Fit Street ~ Vogue Italia (2008)